PANAGLO™Admit Light, Not Glare™



Panaglo™ is an innovative daylight harvesting and glare-control window panel that redirects direct sunlight to the ceiling and reduces the need of artificial lighting while eliminating hot spots produced by the solar beam. The panel can be installed to any window that is exposed to direct sunlight in all types of commercial and residential buildings to improve occupants' comfort and save electricity. It features super-easy installation (removably snaps on to the windows or permanently attaches to the frame using simple hardware), high impact resistance and ultra-low weight of less than 2kg/m² (<0.4lbs/ft²). The panel blocks 99.9% of UV rays and also features aesthetic, "etched glass" translucent appearance so it doubles as a privacy screen. Panaglo™ also helps improve heat and sound insulation of the building envelope. It is available in standard and custom sizes of up to 96" wide and up to 48" high.

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