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Enhanced Solar Energy Harvesting

Advanced daylighting window film.

Lucent Optics has invented and developed a first-of-a-kind see-through, flexible window film that captures direct sunlight and directs its deep into the building interior. Even at relatively small window area coverage, such product can dramatically increase natural lighting levels and save up to 80% on electrical lighting bill. Unlike competitors, our daylighting film preserves the view, is inexpensive and is ideal for retrofits and DIY installations. The users can simply laminate our film onto the interior surfaces of wall windows to immediately start saving energy by harvesting the free daylight.


Ultra-wide angle light-diffusing panels for skylights.

Skylights require diffusers to spread-out the parallel beam of direct sunlight and to utiize natural lighting energy more efficiently. However, conventional diffusers used in skylights either reject to much light or provide a very limited angular spread and poor light distribution. At Lucent Optics, we have develped a unique optical configuration and fabriucation technologhy for skylight diffusers that can spread light by up to 180 degrees without sacrificing the optical transmittance. Our diffusers are especially effective at low solar elevations which allows for day-long uniform lighting using much fewer skylights.