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Energy-efficent LED Lighting

Lighting in the United States consumes about 700 TWh of electric energy producing about 40,550 Teralumen hours of light. Nearly all of this energy is consumed within buildings by incandescent, halogen and fluorescent lamps having the lighting efficacies ranging from 9 lm/W to 76 lm/W.


Solid State Lighting (SSL) is an emerging clean energy technology that has a potential of 150 lm/W efficacies and promises to make a significant impact on solving our nation’s energy and environmental challenges. Inorganic and organic light emitting diodes (LED, OLED) have the greatest potential for saving energy on a grand scale and enhancing the quality of our built environment.


Lucent Optics is developing high-performance waveguiding components that enable designing cost effective lighting fixtures and wide-area luminaires based SSL technologies. Our core products provide high-performance light extraction and beam shaping for both LED and OLED type devices, resulting in greater light output and shortened payback time.