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Enhanced Solar Energy Harvesting

Advanced light trapping for next generation solar modules.

Scientists at Lucent Optics have invented a breakthrough technology for trapping sunlight in solar cells and enhancing energy absorption, The benefits of improved light trapping include up to 10-20X reduction in the consumption of expensive semiconductor materials, dramatically reduced use of energy and hazardous materials in PV cell manufacturing and up to 35% reduction in module production costs. This technology is being applied to develop a new solar front glass product for next generation solar modules.


Mid- and high-concentration solar collectors for harvesting heat and power from sunlight.

A completely new breed of cost-effective solar collectors, dubbed as Reflective Lenses(TM), that do not have close analogs in optics. Reflective lenses  provide a whole new array of design benefits and help make solar energy more useful and affordable. There are two main types of reflective lenses: the point-focus Ring-Array Concetrator (RAC) and the linear-focus Slat-Array Concetrator (SAC). Depending on the application, either type can be used and further taylored to meet the specific customer demands.