DAYLIGHTING FABRIC® - A Revolutionary New Material for Directing Light


Lucent Optics' Daylighting Fabric® is an optically clear, flexible plastic film material that redirects light with high efficiency. One unique feature of the material is that it redirects light internally and does not need any surface microprosms. Hence, the film surface can be made totally smooth, laminated onto other surfaces or customized with any functional or decorative texture. Another unique feature is material's ability to provide unusually high bend angles for redirected light (well above 90°). Furthermore, Daylighting Fabric operates in a very broad spectral range and does not create a rainbow effect which is common to most light redirecting films.

The amount of redirected light (vs. transmitted) depends on the orientation of film surface with respect to the light source and peaks at about 80-90% at incidence angles above 45°. The material is highly flexible with a soft feel and yet it is tough and resistant to chemicals and temperature extremes. Since no surface microprisms are used, the surface of the material can be made totally smooth or customized with any functional or decorative texture. Daylighting Fabric® can be laminated onto other surfaces or incorporated into various laminates as an inner or external layer.

Daylighting Fabric® is designed mainly for daylighting applications to enhance the efficiency of light capture and transport, improve natural lighting distribution and uniformity, as well reject sunlight propagation in unwanted directions. But it can also be used with artificial light sources such as CFL or LED lamps to obtain a desired distribution pattern or create various visual effects.



Excellent light transmission, good optical clarity.

Available in clear-view and diffuse options.

Blocks harmful UV rays.

Available in UV-stabilized formulations for long-term sunlight exposure.

Standard material thickness: 20 mil, 30 mil, 40 mil (~ 0.5 mm - 1 mm).

Standard sheet sizes: 12" x 24", 24" x 24", 24" x 48". Custom sizes available.

Acceptance angle: ±90°.

Bend angle: ~2x the incidence angle.

Optimal incidence angles for maximum redirection: 45°-65° (customizable).

Fully reversible: light can be input on either size!

Suggested uses:  

- window glazing (sidelighting of building interior and angularly selective tint);

- skylights (e.g., capturing additional light in morning and evening hours, rejecting mid-day heat in summer);

- greenhouses (enhanced sunlight harvesting in winter months, heat rejection in summer);

- lighting diffusers (shaping the light beam);

- illuminated signs and displays (improving brightness uniformity, viewing angle control).

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